History lived in a dormant state for about 8 years. It was never really able to grow effectively: other projects, lack of focus about the content, hard job. Since 2013 the staff started to fill some documents, articles and books, mirroring interesting things, the place began to look like a library. Barely. Custom PHP microblogging script was ideal for the small volume content and infrequent info updates. 2018 came with a hope for new productivity, so dokuwiki kicked in as a platform.

Purpose is a not-for-profit personal project of a small group of people. A scrinium/cabinet for random thoughts, articles, etc.


The current software is dokuwiki with bootstrap journal template: simple, good for reading, black & white.

Everything published here by Venenum is free. You can share, copy, adapt, whatever (just mention venenum)! Original articles, documents and so (not written by Venenum) are copyrighted by their respective licence holders.

As a not-for-profit project, you will not be advertised here, nor you will need a pop-up blocker. We also DO NOT:

  1. Collect your data
  2. Track you
  3. Analyze you
  4. Store and process anything about your visit

The only thing the dokuwiki platform uses is a standard PHP session id, a necessary for the website functionality temporary cookie, which DOES NOT identify you! It's a GDPR exempt, therefore we don't have to put that annoying stupid cookie banner here! (and then not to give you a choice to opt-out but only to “accept”, like 99.9% of those bullshit websites ;))) )

venenum 01/01/2019 05:52