IP Filter Resources

IPF is a great firewall package, supports stateful inspection and IPv4/IPv6 protocols, it's available for a number of platforms and time-proven. It was created by Darren Reed: IP Filter official page (Darren Reed). And what about supplement documentation? Well, there is a world-renowned how-to by Conoboy and Fichtner. Below are local copies in various formats. The latest version is from 2002-03-01:





Phil Dibovitz's IP Filter FAQ

IPF mailing list archives

Real Stateful TCP Packet Filtering in IP Filter (gzipped PS) by Guido Van Rooij and pdf version too.

HP IPFilter/9000 HP has bundled IPFilter with HP-UX, and has based their documentation partially on our little HOWTO. Way cool.

IPF HOWTO Deutsch version, translation by Thorsten Lindloff.

Some mirrors. Unfortunately, near all of them are dead now:

http://www.pir.net/pir/ipf/ [Boston, MA, USA]

http://www.darkart.com/mirrors/www.obfuscation.org/ipf/ [Oakland, CA, USA]

http://www.openlysecure.org/content/html/www.obfuscation.org/ipf [Surrey, UK]

http://www.grunta.com/ipf/ [Melbourne, Victoria, AU]

https://venenum.org/lib/net/ipf/ [Sofia, Bulgaria]